2021 Georgia State's Got Talent - Perimeter College Application

2021 Georgia State’s Got Talent

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

GSU Clarkston Campus - GYM

7:00 p.m.

What It Is

Modeled after the iconic television series America’s Got Talent, Panther Activities Council (PAC) will set into motion a talent competition that will allow students to showcase their talents and gifts through a unique, enjoyable, and inspiring process. Acts are encouraged to utilize creativity with musicality, choreography, vocals, setting development, comedy, and/or costumes. This is open to many interpretations. As with America’s Got Talent, there will only be one winner.

Rules and Regulations

• There will be a total of 10 acts that will perform.

• Each performance will have a limit of 5 minutes.

• Each performance will be allotted a 1 minute grace period to set up props, etc.

• Performances that exceed the time limit by more than 1 minute will be disqualified from the competition.

• All Georgia State’s Got Talent participants must be current Georgia State University students or Georgia State University Alumni.

• If an act is a group, at least 51% needs to be current Georgia State students.

• An individual student may perform in or direct as many Georgia State’s Got Talent acts as desired.

• There will be NO VULGARITY or PROFANITY allowed. Failure to adhere to this will result in immediate disqualification.

• No more than ten (10) people are allowed to perform at one time.

• If multiple acts are using the same song, this must be approved.

Ticketing / Seating

• At no time will costumed performers be allowed in the audience or lobby during the performance of Georgia State’s Got Talent and should remain in the backstage area.

• This event will be free for all Georgia State students, and each will be allowed to bring ONE guest with them.

Judges / Judging

• There will be 4 judges consisting of faculty, staff, student representatives, and/or outside sources.

• If all four judges buzz out, the act will automatically be eliminated.

• After the final act performs, the audience will determine the winner through a mass voting platform.

• Judges will be giving feedback after each performance but will not be determining the winner.


• signups will be done via an application located in PAC's portal at pin.gsu.edu website (online application)

• Due to the high level of interest, all acts will be reviewed through auditions in advance of the show date.

• Once entries are confirmed, no changes may be made without prior consent

• Registration material requests will be prioritized by date and time of submission.

Deadlines and Schedules

• September 30, 2021: Sign-Ups Deadline
• October 1  - October 8, 2021: Audition Review 

• If a conflict arises because more than one act submits the same theme or song, the conflict will be resolved according to the date of submission of the completed theme and song selections on the initial registration form. The group who turned their form in first will retain the theme or song in question.  

• Talent Show Dress Rehearsal: TBD

◦ Each act will have 15 (fifteen) minutes to practice and better orient themselves with the run of the show and stage platform. With consent, acts may be recorded during the dress rehearsal for promotional materials.

◦ Acts will receive final approval and feedback.

◦ For Rehearsals, the acts must be in full costume and bring all props/set pieces for final approval.

◦ The props/set pieces must be finished by September 25 and have to be set up/broken down in less than one minute while getting on and off the stage.

◦ The act must have all components shown as they will be in the final show. Acts who do not comply will lose the opportunity to use the undisclosed item(s) in their act.

◦ This rehearsal is closed to any nonparticipants; approval for non-performers being present goes through the Arts & Entertainment or Spirit & Traditions committee.

◦ During rehearsals, the Georgia State’s Got Talent Show event lead will evaluate each act’s compliance with all guidelines. The acts will have time to address any problems before the final performance.

• If a group adds an element to their performance determined to be inappropriate, the group in question will be notified of the offense whenever it is observed. The act will be required to remove any inappropriate content from their subsequent performances before performing again. Suppose the act does not make the agreed-upon changes. In that case, they will immediately be suspended from participation in Georgia State’s Got Talent. They will only be allowed to continue participating in the competition by appealing to the Got Talent Executive Committee. The group may be subject to additional sanctions by Georgia State University.

Rules of Governance

• The Got Talent Executive Committee will establish and enforce guidelines for Georgia State’s Got Talent.

• The Student Life Advisors Chairing the Got Talent Show (Damoneke Harper)  will oversee the process of Georgia State’s Got Talent preparation and performance.

Georgia State’s Got Talent Policy

• In the spirit of good competition, all participants are expected to keep in confidence the details of their own acts and respect other competitors' privacy. Infractions will be at the discretion of the Got Talent Executive Committee

Georgia State’s Got Talent policies are subject to change at any time. All acts will receive adequate notice through university email.

• If any major concerns or questions arise, the Got Talent Executive Committee will call a meeting with the appropriate participants. The issue will be resolved, and acts will be notified.

Important Information

• Information about the acts will be entirely confidential, and all acts are closed to anyone who is not in the act or a crew member.

• Each act will be allowed to have a member of the backstage crew to help assist with the transition between acts.

• All acts must know what they want to do with lighting, sound, and video before the dress rehearsal. Keep in mind that the light/sound technician has the final decision for what can feasibly be done and that all ideas are not guaranteed.

• In the event an act has to withdraw from the talent show last minute, there may be a chance that an act (that did not make it past auditions) may be notified and have the opportunity to accept an offer to replace them.